Shannon Duerr

AFLCA Group Fitness Instructor Certification, Standard First Aid/CPR-C

Hi I’m Shannon!  I’m a lifetime long distance runner, Ironman Triathlete, Olympic distance triathlete, Spin cycle instructor, Bootcamp class instructor, personal trainer and mother of three.

My focus as a trainer is function based training as I believe everyone can benefit from mindful, athletic based movement.  Whether it’s a day of hiking in the mountains, running that next 10km, or just picking up your kids and carrying groceries, I feel training in the gym should translate to improved performance and function in all areas of our lives outside the gym.  A natural by-product of this type of training are amazing aesthetic changes in physique, muscular shape and dramatic reduction in body fat levels as well.

To me, a truly holistic approach to health and wellbeing should incorporate both training and nutrition, as well as an openness to changing our thoughts and beliefs about living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  Being a 40 something mother of three, I recognize the difficulty in balancing career, family and personal wellbeing.  However when we give priority to our own fitness and wellbeing, we are better equipped to handle all life’s challenges that come our way with a balanced outlook.

I dedicate myself to the success of my clients, whatever their personal definition of success is.  Fitness to me has no finish line.  Simply the ongoing pursuit of vitality, health, wellbeing and personal happiness.

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