Warren Leslie

ACE Personal Training Certification, ELA Personal Training Diploma, CPR Certified

I grew up in Calgary competing in many different sports over the past 20 years. This involvement in higher level sport afforded me the opportunity to work with many elite level coaches and experience a variety of different coaching styles. Over time I began to form my own training style, incorporating the best of these coaching techniques. My sports experience taught me the importance of learning and properly executing functional movement patterns. I believe these to be essential components of a strong foundation from which to safely and effectively progress, regardless of your goals. I tend to incorporate Cross-training and HIIT techniques with clients as they provide variety and keep your entire body strong while making sure you never get bored.

Working on flexibility, mobility, and core strength are fundamental components to an overall training program and their importance cannot be overlooked. They are crucial for safe execution of training techniques, injury prevention and transfer over to many of the activities we enjoy outside of the gym.

My thirst for information related to training ensures that I am constantly increasing my knowledge and learning new techniques. I’m passionate about sharing that knowledge with you and being a part of helping you reach your weight loss, health, strength and fitness goals.

Sport specific training:
Hockey, Golf, Squash, Badminton, CrossFit, Volleyball, Football

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