Creating a Morning Routine




I am hoping to inspire you to create the one thing for yourself that no one else can touch… Your morning routine!

Here are 5 suggestions that I personally use to enhance each and every morning:

1-First thing first, wakey wakey! Despite how you may feel upon the sound of your alarm, you have to GET UP to WAKE UP! This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but create the habit of getting up to wake up and don’t give in to the temptation to snooze. I use a sleep app (Sleepzy) that tracks my sleep cycles, and will wake me up naturally.
Put your feet on the floor and head to the next suggestion.

2-OK wake up, now, before you gogo, REHYDRATE! After your solid sleep and the rebuilding and regenerating all of your body’s cells all night, your body is dehydrated. Picture all your cells like little shrivelled up raisins. Get a full glass of (room temp) water in you first thing. If you have ever noticed my ‘green drink’ in the gym, it is chlorophyll! Whether you add lemon or cucumber to alkalize your water, or just enjoy a glass on its own, get it in you first thing!

3-Here is something new for me that has made an amazing positive impact to my mornings, the sunrise.
I’ve learned a fundamental step in a morning routine, is if you can get natural sunlight in to your eyes, it will set your circadian rhythm naturally.
By getting outside, and getting the direct sunlight into your eyes at its lowest in the morning (even if there is cloud cover, the photons go thru the clouds). Your eyes signal your natural internal clock and your body will know when to go to bed.

4-Ok, bear with me on this one, prolong caffeine for a couple hours after waking. This has to do with clearing out Adensine levels in your body. To keep it simple, adenosine is a caffeine antagonist, and by waiting to add caffeine to your system, you are teaching your body to wake up naturally.

5-My final suggestion is for you to consider creating your, ‘me’ time, or as I call my morning time my ‘WP time’. Even if it’s just 5 minutes. That’s 5 minutes of quiet, mindfulness, breath, gratitude, meditation .. no work, no phone, no family, and the earlier you wake up, the earlier you can ensure you have this time to yourself.

Let’s conclude by saying whatever helps your morning wake up routine, will help your evening sleep. Life is all about balance, and when you feel good, you look good, and have more energy to tackle your day.

I encourage you to create your own morning routine and take the time no one else can touch.

Make it a great day!