Trainers passionate about your success

Come see how our fresh and innovative approach to training will have you seeing results quicker.

At Urban Athlete it’s all about you! Tell us what you’d like to achieve, our dynamic team of personal trainers will develop the perfect results based plan. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned fitness enthusiast we have the right trainer for you.

• Refreshing and engaging workout routines
• Stay motivated and accountable
• Rehabilitate old injuries and prevent new ones
• Create superior health, vitality and energy
• Perform better – at everything

Just want to shout out a thank you to Urban Athlete for the intense and mindful body conditioning workouts you’ve been putting me through lately!

I highly recommend trying the studio to understand what I mean.

My trainer is FABULOUS! He works hard to devise solid, full body workouts well in advance of me being there. His advance preparation ensures I can fit my workouts into my busy day.

His workouts have been challenging but not so much so that they are discouraging.

The trainers have proven to all be friendly, skilled and knowledgeable. The owners and trainers have cheered me on to my first Tough Mudder this year and I look forward to many more years with their positive team!
I had never worked out for even a single day in my life prior to this, and was extremely nervous! After trying a few different workout places, my husband and I found Urban Athlete!

We have had the best experience with teaching us how to exercise correctly so that we do not injure our bodies. Wendy, in particular, has helped me retrain my muscles that were badly injured due to working out incorrectly. Thanks Wendy!!!

I just wanted to write and thank you Wendy for all your support. I really value your amazing wealth of fitness knowledge, your intelligence and heart, and the professional standard you hold yourself to. I could not have asked for a better guide, and you always make our sessions a true education in fitness.