40 Classes Every Week!


CYCLE | ALL LEVELS Join us for indoor Cycling with some of Calgary’s top instructors! Burn body fat and boost cardiovascular endurance while riding to each instructor’s own inspiring play list! Intervals, hills, sprints and various drills to accommodate the new participant and challenge the experienced cycle enthusiast! Urban Athlete’s Keiser M3+ bikes accommodate both clip in shoes as well as regular gym shoes.

CYCLE & SCULPT | ALL LEVELS This 45 minute class is a perfect combination of total body workout combining cardio and strength. In this fusion class you will go through a variety of power drills on the bike and alternate off the bike using weights for a balanced, full-body workout offering the strength conditioning needed for an active lifestyle.

CYCLE & STRETCH | ALL LEVELS Start with 45 minutes of targeted interval work with a focus on strength, power, speed and endurance. Then round out the work & sweat on the Bike with 15 minutes of whole body mobility and stretching to balance out the ride. Leave this class feeling energized from the interval work, but also relaxed from tension relieving stretches and mobility work on the most common areas of tightness and stress.


CORE YOGA | ALL LEVELS Every movement we make originates from the engagement of core muscles. Strengthen the core and you’ll enhance your athletic performance all around! Core Yoga will power up the abdominal muscles with challenging balancing postures, dynamic crunches and invigorating breath-work. You will leave the class feeling energized, centered and strong.

FIT YOGA | ALL LEVELS This dynamic class is a blend of Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha yoga styles which will not only increase flexibility, but also help to strengthen and tone the musculature, improve balance, and develop a mind-body connection. Fitness yoga includes flowing transitions between challenging positions designed to make you sweat while learning to focus the mind. Each class ends with a peaceful relaxation or Savasana.

URBAN FLOW | ALL LEVELS Participants are lead through a series of poses and breathing techniques (Pranayama) linked within a creative sequence. You are challenged but modifications are provided. Participants are encouraged to let their own intuition be their guide, learn mindfulness, and to simply have some fun with their practice.


TRX | ALL LEVELS TRX Suspension Training is a functional body-weight movement workout incorporating the use of the TRX suspension straps. Under the guidance of a certified TRX Instructor you will safely perform a variety of core-integrated exercises that interact the connective chains and challenge all fitness components. Strength, metabolic conditioning, speed, power, explosiveness, agility, flexibility, mobility, endurance, and balance are all enhanced through this dynamic class. Urban Athlete TRX classes are a great way to optimize your workouts and burn calories, strip body fat, gain lean tissue, improve your sporting performance, while minimizing the risk of injury. All drills and exercises can be modified to suit any fitness level.


BOXING 101 | ALL LEVELS This class teaches foundational boxing skills while providing an intense full-body workout! Challenge your cardiovascular and improve your full-body coordination. Learn everything from wrapping your hands, to throwing a proper jab! Gloves, wraps, heavy bags, and skipping ropes are used extensively in this class.

BOXING CIRCUIT | ALL LEVELS This Boxing Circuit class will build your muscular endurance and strength, resulting in a high caloric expenditure per hour. Join this conditioning class that focuses on the fun of boxing: hitting pads, partner work, core work, bodyweight exercises, plyometrics, and working on reflexive footwork. Expect to work hard, build a sweat, and use boxing equipment. Come early to wrap-up and learn your stance if you’re new, or practice those fundamentals if you’ve done it before.

BOXING HIIT | ALL LEVELS The Boxing HIIT format is simple yet versatile. Boxing is a unique sport that utilizes skills and techniques from footwork, to punches through proper power generation. Fundamentals will be covered at the beginning of each class so beginners and advanced alike can align and polish themselves before delving into an interval styled class. Bodyweight exercises, plyometrics, and other equipment will be utilized to work on muscular and cardiovascular endurance, raw power with some heavy beats in a compact 45 minute session! Who doesn’t want to relieve some stress and punch things for a workout?!


ABSOLUTE CORE | ALL LEVELS This dynamic core class is welcome to all levels of fitness. Class style will vary from mat-based to circuit-style exercises that will build your core and strengthen your whole body. Improve your sport and enhance your lifestyle by incorporating this class into your weekly routine. Feel like you have no core strength? Don’t worry, as modifications are always offered to ensure you have a safe and effective workout!

ALL BODY STRENGTH | ALL LEVELS For ALL bodies. To challenge the seasoned participant as well as motivate beginners to reach their goals and peak performance. A strength conditioning class for healthy minds and bodies using a variety of equipment and offering a multitude of modifications across the spectrum.

BOOTCAMP | ALL LEVELS This is a Functional and Dynamic, full-body workout. You will be exposed to a multitude of equipment and exercises. Drills, Circuits, Intervals and more to improve strength, heart health, balance, joint stability, and so much more.

METCON TURNS TECHCON ONLY AT URBAN ATHLETE | INTERMEDIATE A strength and conditioning workout focusing on technique. Learn intermediate and advanced compound lifts / Olympic lifts then incorporate them into a full body metabolic conditioning workout that is safe, fun and effective! A different, challenging and accessible workout each week!

FULL BODY HIIT | INTERMEDIATE A full body high intensity workout combining weight bearing exercises with cardio and bodyweight exercises to sculpt, strengthen and condition. Never the same workout, expect to challenge your body in new ways every class. High intensity work with short rest periods make for a tough, effective full body workout every time.

FULL BODY STRENGTH | ALL LEVELS Intense, fast paced full body strength & endurance training! Challenge your body, improve your stamina; be ambitious to achieve more and have fun doing it! This workout will include a unique blend of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, compound and resistance exercises.

HIIT | ALL LEVELS (6:15AM) A high-intensity 45 minute interval training, heart-pumping workout. Utilizing various equipment to increase your heart and lung capacity with high-intensity cardio bursts and strength training. Energize your mind and body before your busy day gets started!

HIIT CIRCUIT | ALL LEVELS This full body strength class is a dynamic circuit set up with stations incorporating a variety of gym equipment like bosu, battle ropes, agility ladder, med balls and weights. A fast paced class for all levels of fitness! All fitness stations will be timed so you can go at your own pace and challenge yourself as much as you want!

KBELL CIRCUIT | ALL LEVELS This fast-paced, full-body circuit will include a combination of kettlebell strength, with cardio, and core stations to challenge all levels of fitness. Exercises are timed so you can go at your own pace and experience gains without pains! No need for any kettlebell experience for this full-body workout.

KBELL EVOLUTION | ALL LEVELS This kettlebell class will have a new format at the beginning of each month. You can expect to build your strength and see your progression week-to-week. Class will be based on traditional kettlebell moves that will build up the beginner and dial in technique for the advanced.

PILATES | ALL LEVELS This classical mat Pilates class is perfect for both the beginner and the advanced to build core strength from the inside out. You will learn how to isolate and identify key lower abdominal muscles to stabilize your lower back and pelvis, helping you be less susceptible to injury and balance out your body. No matter what your fitness level, Pilates will enhance your game or sport and help improve your overall quality of life.

STRONG | ALL LEVELS Strong incorporates a combination of body weight exercises, weight bearing and dumbbell exercises with a focus on metabolic conditioning. This class is high intensity with limited rest between sets. A total body workout each time!

Urban Athlete prides itself on presenting to its members highly qualified and experienced instructors. 

The Urban Athlete Group Exercise Program offers a wide variety of styles which will allow participants to enjoy many effective, safe and fun workouts. 

Urban Athlete encourages and supports individuality and creativity along the industry approved guidelines.