I am in the best shape of my life, over 50!

I have been training with Wendy in group classes and some personal training sessions for a couple years. When I first started to train with Wendy I felt that I was at a plateau with my workouts.
I was not inspired anymore and was injured from learning and completing exercises incorrectly. As soon as I met Wendy, with her positive energy and desire to help me improve, I was very quickly motivated again. I have reached numerous personal goals while working with Wendy and keep making new ones to reach. Here are a few goals that are significant to me:
1. Pain free and injury free – have learned how to read my body so that I am doing exercises correctly
2. I entered Femsport a year ago with Wendy’s support and assistance. I was fifth in Calgary in the over 50 category. I had never done an obstacle course before, pushed a truck or flipped a 300 pound tire. What a remarkable memory for me!
3. One year ago, my daughter got married. Wendy pushed me and helped me to reach the goal of losing weight and looking fit for this memorable event in my life.
4. An individual goal for me has been to strengthen my core and develop visible abs. I continue to improve in this area, and I know Wendy will continue to push me so that they get stronger still.
5. This year our gym had a weight loss/muscle gain challenge. I was the first runner up in the female category. I lost 11.5 pounds of fat, gained 6.5 pounds of muscle.
I am in the best shape of my life and I feel awesome. I am going to continue to train because it is making me stronger and providing me with a healthier life. Thanks to Wendy for always inspiring me and I know we will make more goals together for me to reach! I could not have had any of these goals accomplished without Wendy and her encouraging words and attitude!

– Brenda