I lost 23 lbs!

I began training with Wendy just about a year ago after I have met her through a friend. When I first went to start a program with her I thought to myself well this shouldn’t be too bad. Man was I wrong! I thought that I was in shape considering I worked as a labourer for 5 years. It was a totally different story when she got me to do an hour session I was blown away at how out of shape I was. I continued to see her once and awhile and she pushed me to start getting my body to a better place. I began going to the gym and since last January I have got my body to a whole new level. I have lost 23 pounds and now have started to gain a fair amount of muscle. I love Wendy’s positive attitude and great personality whenever she trains a class. It makes me want to work out and train because after I leave a class I feel so much better about what I did that day. Thanks to Wendy she has jump started me to start taking care of my body and living healthy to the fullest potential.

– Jon-Michael