Is there a recipe for success?

What is your recipe for success when it comes to your fitness goals?

I have always admired those who have the drive to complete their fitness goals on their own, but it’s too rare. Being a Personal Trainer who works with a Personal Trainer, I know first hand we all go through changes, get stuck in a rut, fall off wagons, and lose direction or motivation. As I reflect on my 20 years in the fitness industry, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work for people.

Urban Athlete has all of the ingredients for your custom recipe for success, no matter what your goal! At Urban Athlete, you are part of a community. Being part of something helps keep you consistent, which leads to results—I have seen the most success come out of commitment, support, and consistency.

Urban Athlete is my home-base for both teaching a variety of group fitness classes and to work with my clients on a more personalized level.

You not only get a dynamic team of specialized Personal Trainers able to offer their expertise in personalized workouts, but as an added bonus, many of our group classes are taught by those same personal trainers. This is what I have seen work for people to achieve maximum results. By working directly with a personal trainer, you receive structured workouts tailored to your specific goals. We work around your schedule and you have accountability to the appointment you schedule.

By adding classes into your weekly routine, you are still working with those same qualified trainers and can subsidize your training with a large variety of dynamic classes all included in your membership. In a group setting you are surrounded by positive, motivating like-minded people, all looking to add more spice and flavor to their fitness recipes!

Variety is key to results and is the spice of life!

We’re a smaller gym and pride ourselves on knowing your name — no one is just another “body” entering the gym or joining a class!

You’ve all certainly met Marv? Urban Athlete offers a synergistic balance of all ingredients for you to create your recipe for success. You have the privilege of working with one of our personal trainers one-on-one and then benefit by augmenting those personal sessions with group classes taught by the same trainers.

I’ve seen the results. A satisfying blend of interchangeable ingredients, with fitness chefs committed to your recipe coming out right. We are committed to your whole success, we are here to offer our chefpertise to figure out your recipe for results.

Being fit isn’t just a goal, it is a lifestyle! Our team can help you find the wellness recipe that will work for you.