21 Day Kickstart

Now, more than ever you need to safeguard your health: Your fitness, your nutrition, and your mindset.

The fitter and stronger we are, the stronger our immune system is to fight against viruses.

The good news is you can now get fit, strong and into amazing shape using online personal training, which you can do from the comfort of your own home!

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The 21 Day Kickstart program includes:

Initial phone call with an Urban Athlete trainer to get an in-depth understanding of you, your goals, and the equipment you have available to workout at home.

An individualized and personalized program tailored specifically for you.

Weekly wellbeing and accountability calls to provide guidance and adjust your program based on your progress.


Example meal plans, protein substitution list, and supplement info.

Community support and daily motivational messages through a private Facebook group.

3 Virtual Classes chosen by your trainer based on your goals.

Need extra support? Access 30% off single personal trainer sessions during your 21 day challenge!

21 Day Kickstart


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