7 Days of Cycle

February 28 - March 6

7:15 - 8:15 AM

Come ride in the mornings with Shannon Duerr and Erika Olsvik in this 7-day intensive cardiovascular conditioning program. Whether you are returning to indoor cycling or interested in taking your indoor cycle skills to new heights, this daily 60-minute ride will challenge your endurance, power, and speed!

This interval training system is devised to recondition road cyclists for the outdoor season. We are using it as a tool to maintain the cardiovascular conditioning athletes have acquired during the summer. Even though the program may introduce a variety of formats monthly for some noticeable achievements to be made, this 7 days straight of riding is meant to increase the watts generated on a 5 minute flat to increase cardiovascular conditioning up to 30%. Although the program is geared towards the cyclist, strengthening benefits would be universal to any type of cardiovascular focused athlete.

Members In-Studio


Virtual Only


Non Members In-Studio


Virtual Only



"I felt like an athlete and improved my cardiovascular fitness noticeably after the week. I learned how much my performance depends on both my physical and psychological conditioning. This program improved both."


"The program was a lot of fun and very challenging. I loved pushing myself and trying to be better each day. The instructors were motivating and the music was great!"


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Calgary, Alberta

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