Move Easy

October 16 - November 6

Sundays 6:00 - 7:00 PM

Join Wendy Peterson for 4 weeks of mobility & rolling.

Gain flexibility with mobility using a travel roller and active release techniques for all areas of your body.

Learn to train in full range of motion and lengthen to strengthen.

Week 1: Neck, Shoulders, & Overall Posture

Week 2: Spine & Core

Week 3: Hips & Glutes

Week 4: Knees, Ankles, & Overall Posture



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"This class was a great way to stretch muscles you never knew you had!"


"I forgot how bad/good stretching feels - rewards come after the discomfort. I love classes with Wendy - she is motivating and has a wealth of knowledge to share. I would do the class again if my schedule fits."


"Excellent instruction / support / encouragement by the instructor. She was well prepared and guided the class through each activity in very smooth manner. Each activity was well-designed and helpful with loosening tight muscle areas."


"Wendy’s move easy class gave me tools and techniques that I am going to use the rest of my life! It was the perfect explanation of physiology and putting techniques into practice! Already, I am hooked on rolling out my muscles to right way when I feel aches. Now I’m confident that I’m doing it correctly. I highly recommend this class. Wendy is amazing."


"It was excellent and Wendy did a great job. I’ve been dealing with back pain among other things and the classes were very helpful. I probably wouldn’t take this exact program again as it was intended to be educational, but if mobility classes were ever offered as part of the regular drop in classes that would be very interesting to me. "


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Calgary, Alberta

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