Pro Pilates

Four Week Program

November 20 - December 11

Sundays 6:00 - 7:00 PM

Everybody's body can use Pilates! This 4 week program will help you build strength, increase mobility, improve flexibility, and may help you be less susceptible to injury.

Pro pilates is available both virtual and in-person. Each class is recorded and sent to you via a YouTube link, to keep your practice going strong!

Program details: Pro Pilates consists of 20 mat exercises based off of the Classical Pilates sequence, with new variations. Each week we will practice these 20 exercises, starting from the basics and building into a strong flow.

Enhance your current fitness program by learning to connect with deep inner core muscles and tie in your spine mobility.

"You are only as young as your spine is flexible." - Joseph Pilates



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Virtual Only



"Really enjoyed the program, felt like it was well thought out how it it would progress through the weeks. Really like that it can be applied to the basic class. Wendy was great and I definitely noticed improvement over the course of the program."


"Wendy is an amazing Pilates instructor! Exercises were clearly described and demonstrated in a fun atmosphere. Modifications were suggested when needed I cannot believe the change I feel in only 6 weeks."


"Love Wendy, love Pilates! She did a really good job breaking down the exercises and breathing. It was definitely more difficult then regular Pilates and some exercises I had to go back to basics… but it was good to see what I’m working towards."


"Pilates with Wendy has been a huge part of my journey back from 12 years of chronic lower back and hip pain. She has taught me how to connect with my deep core muscles through her verbal cues and untangle how my body has compensated for my injuries. The classes include not only core strength components but also balance and flexibility. The knowledge and experience Wendy brings to the class are obvious and her enthusiasm is what will keep you coming back. Wendy has made me a believer in Pilates and I recommend this unique class whether you are recovering from injury or looking to keep your body balanced and strong to pursue an active lifestyle."


"Wendy's Pilates Program has been the perfect complement to lifting weights and doing aerobic exercise. It targets the core muscles that the other exercises miss."


"Wendy is an energetic, fun and passionate instructor. I have been lucky to have attended her pilates classes several times and it is in my opinion one of the most effective exercise routines for the recovery of back injuries. Since taking her Absolute Core and Pilates classes I have been able to regain mobility and reduce the pain which has plagued my lower back for years. If you are tired of pain and want to get those core muscles in shape, I would recommend you get Wendy in your life. Also Marvin her cute friend will help you get through the class with his awesome motivational energy. "



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