The New Normal

Is this current situation our new normal? 

For now, it is. 

With positive focus and our determination set to continue to provide for our members, we have been committed since day one of the gym closing its doors, to helping you stay active!

Without missing a beat, we taught our first zoom class the following day and had a virtual weekly class schedule posted. We have offered virtual classes every single day since we closed. We offer a variety of classes and some you may have never tried before! Our class line up has grown and improved thanks to all your feedback and support! 

We have rented out most of the gym equipment to ensure success for our active members taking classes and doing virtual training in the comfort of their own home.

The COVID-19 experience has shone light on how important it is to maintain optimal health. But in light of that, I feel it has also revealed one of our biggest challenges… Accountability!

It has never been so easy to join a free virtual class or exercise from home. But when it comes to sticking to your fitness and weight loss goals, keeping on track, and your ability to maintain healthy lifestyle habits…You need ACCOUNTABILITY! 
Take it from me, as I am the personal trainer that has a personal trainer!
Consistency and accountability WILL get you results!

The importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a regulator fitness routine has even more significance with many reliable sources stating that a huge risk factor for COVID-19 is obesity. 

Since most of us have been at home unable to go on our vacations over the last few months, there was no need to lose the ‘holiday 10’. With no kids in school, there was no gaining of the ‘freshman 15’, but maybe now you need to lose the ‘Covid-19?’

Do not put your health off any longer. 

Our goal at Urban Athlete is to help you keep your momentum going or help get it started, whether you are near (2 meters) or far! 

What better time and reason to hire a trainer or join a program; hire a trainer today! Let us hold you accountable and make it count. 

What we offer:

Parking lot or park personal training – Work one on one with a personal trainer in the gym set up outside the gym! We have a tent set up so you can train in the rain or stay shaded in the sun. Working out outdoors provides excellent air circulation but we implement strict 2 meter physical distancing in our outdoor training sessions. Your equipment will be brought out for your session, thoroughly sanitized for you, and your trainer will not touch your equipment or you until your session is complete. We will then thoroughly sanitize your equipment again before we put it away for the next person.

Virtual Training – Want to stay home but still need that accountability? Train with your trainer online – you hit your goals and don’t miss a beat, and stay in the comfort and safety of your home.

Preregistered 6 Week Kettlebell Build Program – This upcoming virtual program will be a technique based kettlebell program involving structured weekly routines. More details to come! 

Outdoor Bootcamp – This season of bootcamp is full! But stay tuned for the next season for a chance to get sweaty under the sun with other Urban Athletes!

Urban Athlete Website Blog – Members and staff can connect to encourage the camaraderie you may be missing! 

Social Media- stay connected and join our Instagram @urbanathletecalgary or Facebook on important updates and exciting announcements in the Urban community!

We are here for you in as many ways as we can!

What is your new normal going to look like? A new normal of no more excuses, and you putting you health first, however that looks for you! 

This new normal has shown us there is no excuse to put your fitness aside. Make yourself less susceptible to illness and safely protect yourself to avoid being a statistic. Save your own life.

Be proACTIVE and get active now! 

Help us, help you

by holding you accountable to your goals. Our number one concern besides getting you results, is your safety. All staff follow consistent hand washing practices and also physically distance themselves when inside the gym. Karly & Kohl are on site most of the time to ensure everyone upholds all safety precautions as well as to be of service to the trainers and the members. 

Don’t let this new normal be an obstacle, look at it as a catalyst. Our team at Urban Athlete is looking forward with you to creating your ‘new normal’ that was even better than before! 

Let’s Urbanize your fitness plan TODAY!