Goals & Motivation

What drives you towards your goals?
What is at the heart of what motivates you?
Your core values.
OK. So what are your Core values?
What do you live for? What gets you out of bed every morning? What fulfills you… What makes you feel good and you don’t necessarily need to earn any “cash” value for doing this? What are you best at??
Well first off let’s admit that we are all the best at being our own worst critic. That damn inner voice that seems loud enough to control our actions and yet subtle enough that we don’t even hear it… we don’t even notice most times.
Well, bottom line, you get out of bed because you have to survive.
Every species has survival on the top of their things to accomplish everyday list. It really has to be number one. Doesn’t it?
OK …
Before we get too crazy on survival, let’s just simply say that you get out of bed to accomplish the tasks you need to do in order to get through your life. Hopefully aiming for your highest potential pleasure.
What does that mean to you? Do you have kids you want to see grow up? Do you want to live a long, healthy life? Do you have people that rely on you? Do you manage something bigger than yourself? Do you have to be somewhere to do something that fulfills you more than just being a blob sitting around in your PJ’s all day? Or simply said, do you want to avoid the consequences of not being able to make your daily commitments?
If you said yes to any of the questions above… you have purpose.
Every living being is genetically hardwired to survive and your innate survival is subtly defining your core values. Unless you conscientiously define these values yourself and steer your life to where you want it to go, you’re just going to survive.
Knowing what governs your decisions is a huge part of what will keep you in the driver’s seat to attaining any goal you set for yourself. Awareness really does matter.
We all have something that drives us to be better if our perspective is right. It’s what gets us out of bed to live the life we know we need to live. So what connects you to set, and strive for your goals? If you can’t connect, then you won’t keep your motivation to stick with them.
You need to connect, on a soul-like level, with what makes you feel that your survival is imperative and worthwhile.
Maybe that sounds a bit intense, but we have been driven by our reptilian brain for a lot longer than we have been manipulated by the comfort of our current society.
If you can blink, then you can appreciate the timeline of how long we have been civilized compared to how long we have been evolving.
Keep it simple.
Ask yourself what really matters to you.
And ask yourself again.
Then ask yourself again.
Keep simplifying it till it’s so simple that you can’t go wrong.
It’s a start. Anything and everything started at some point. Everything has a beginning.
What you need to do to start, is choose to finish the moment you were last in.
Whatever that means to you. You and only you …
The fact that you’re wanting a positive progression in you’re life and you’re recognizing negative feelings in order to progress, tells you that you are meant for more. We all deserve that.
You ARE meant for more.
Our inherent, genetically hardwired need to survive is more ingrained then our ability to push through tough obstacles.
Safety and avoidance from danger is what has got you to make it this far. But your internal desire to be better has you contemplating your current situation.
We are surrounded by obstacles that are wolves in sheep‘s clothing.
Trust your ability to recognize your desire for a higher evolution. You are not governed by patterns, or traits or bad habits that define you. They were part of your process, but they have no control over your outcome. You have evolved with the power of being able to choose. You are blessed with the ability to transmutatively control your own path and separate yourself from our near distant relatives. Otherwise you would monotonously look for another banana.
But, our reptilian ego wants comfort. Swinging outside your familiar comfort zone is challenging! What if the vine snaps?! What if the bananas aren’t as good over there?! What if someone else judges your ability to swing.
Embrace the fact that if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.
Swing away.
Harness the courage of your inner child that learned to swing for the first time. We have ALL definitely been there. When slips happen, Just tuck and roll and you’ll be fine.
Getting to the core of why you feel the way you feel, is the first step towards setting yourself up on the proper path towards any goal.
Our underlying belief and your inner voice that we don’t often hear, as a way louder than our external voice. It’s what drives our actions, yet we feel we are not the passenger.
You need to get in the driver seat because that is the only way you are going to control the steering wheel.
Always easier said than done.
Connecting to the fact that there is a voice that’s puppeteering you, and that you haven’t noticed it’s survival motive, is a huge step into becoming more than a backseat passenger.
We love hearing we are great listeners, but how often do we listen to ourselves. Be quiet, and listen to the underlying message you desire to hear. Close your eyes and open your heart.
Get to the core of what drives you and put your pedal to the metal.
There is no speed limit. Your road is limitless.
Your journey is your reward.