Gym Etiquette

  • Avoid using heavy perfume or cologne.
  • Be mindful of your personal hygiene: deodorant is recommended & wearing freshly laundered clothing.
  • Don’t drop weights, use blue pads when deadlifting.
  • Sanitize equipment, including mats, after use.
  • Put weights & equipment away after use.
  • Phone calls should not be made on the gym floor, move your conversation to the sitting area at the front of the gym.
  • No bags on workout floor.
  • Liquid chalk is preferred over powder chalk, clean up after use.
  • Face towels are separate from rag towels. Please don’t use your sweat or shower towel to wipe down equipment, please only use the rag with the spray bottle for wiping equipment. If a new rag is needed feel free to ask the front desk, we have a lot of clean rags.
  • Don’t leave items in lockers overnight as lockers are unlocked and emptied each night.

These are tips you can use to should try sticking to when going to the gym, however if you are tired of going to the gym, do you know how do i cancel my anytime fitness membership? An important question many people ask before starting their exercise routine at home or at another gym.