Happy 7th Birthday Urban Athlete!

Marvin and I started out by helping set up equipment, to opening our doors seven years ago. It has been an amazing ride being part of this gym since the beginning and watching it evolve into the successful business it is now. I am grateful and proud to be able to have had a part in this. 

Here is a 7 year fun fact:

Every seven years we have a completely new body from the inside out. Every bone cell, every skin cell, every organ cell has turned over into something new. Everybody is talking about neural plasticity these days… lets dumb it down to changing patterns. We all have patterns in our life that we know affect us negatively.

Every small change you make creates big change for the future, every small degree of change creates a big degree of progress up ahead. The challenge point of positive change is the rewarding benefit of your future. Every positive thought, moment, decision, and movement you make creates big results in your future.

Stick with it. 

Dont stop.

Don’t give up. 

Don’t make an excuse, make a positive choice. 

You can redirect your thoughts by becoming consciously aware of what you are thinking. Catch yourself in that negative story you are telling yourself, acknowledge it and move in a different direction. Change may be challenging at first but with consistent persistence a newer, clearer path can be created. 

If it’s the ONE thing you COMPLETELY control, it is your power of choice. No one can take that away from you. You really do control your reality one seemingly meaningless moment at a time.

Everybody’s body evolves no matter what.

Every 7 years you are a completely new human. What do you want your future self to look like, feel like, be like? Make that choice every moment as best you can!

Don’t miss out on our Celebration on Tuesday February 11! We will have a lot of awesome stuff planned including games, prizes, no sign up fee for new memberships, bring in a guest to workout for free or join you in a PILATES class at 4pm, and of course giving Marvin a birthday pet! He will be 9 years young!

Thank you to everyone that has ever walked in the door of Urban Athlete.

 Every single one of you makes us such an amazing community!!

Written with Love by Wendy Peterson, Urban Athlete Trainer & Fitness Instructor