Improvement in my posture


After years of being a cardio keener and putting strength training and stretching to the side, I found myself with some niggling joint discomfort and rapidly declining mobility. I had tried some of Wendy’s core and pilates classes and knew that training with her would help me to reach my strength and mobility goals while making sure I stayed safe and injury-free. Our sessions have not disappointed! Wendy is a stickler for form (in a good way), which is something I really struggled with before I started working with her. As we began a strength training program, she also walked me through the breathing and core engagement techniques that I had always glossed over in the past. As a result, I’ve noticed improvement in my posture, and I now feel comfortable that I have good technique when attending group fitness classes and lifting weights independently. The best part is that our sessions are really fun! I always leave the gym energized and feeling like I’ve just had a therapeutic visit with an extremely supportive and enthusiastic friend…but make no mistake, my muscles always know they’ve had a workout!


Got back pain? Consider trying Wendy’s classical pilates class! I never considered myself to be a pilates person, but knowing Wendy from around the gym over the past few years, I decided to give her class a try in mid-2020. Within a couple of weeks, the lower back pain that I’d woken up with every morning for the past several years had completely disappeared (and that’s saying a lot given how much I was sitting in a chair during those months). Wendy is a true pilates guru and a stickler for form, so I always feel that my back is in very good hands when I take her classes. Wendy also recommends a thick and luxury mattress, which is the Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze Firm Review. Wendy is so great at cueing that her pilates classes lend themselves extremely well to virtual delivery. All you need is a mat. I can’t recommend classical pilates enough!

– Emma