The Link Between Exercise and Your Sex Life

Hitting a gym can help you to release your inner wild child in the bedroom! 

Getting sweaty out of the sheets might just be able to get you in them. While regular exercise has many health benefits, like burning calories, or lowering blood pressure and risk of heart disease, it can be especially helpful in your sex life. In this article, we’re going to look at the ways that your workout life is connected to your bedroom.

Your Libido

The Viagra commercials aren’t kidding when they say your heart needs to be healthy enough for sex. Not only do they rhyme, but your cardio and your libido are tied together. Moreover, aerobic exercises like cardio are good at getting you in the mood. By activating your sympathetic nervous system (SNS), moderate-intensity exercise can help increase your sexual arousal. This is a short-term effect though, so consider having a workout date with your partner every once in a while.

One way that cardio can help your libido is by shaving off a few pounds. Excess weight can significantly lower both your sex drive and your sexual stamina. As part of that, healthy weight loss can make you more confident about your body. This helps to make you feel sexy, and make you more comfortable in sexual situations. Not to mention, your newfound muscles might just impress potential partners!

Stress is one of the biggest killers of your sex drive. High cortisol, the hormone most associated with stress, is known to decrease your libido. While there are many ways to reduce stress in life, exercises like running or strength training are known to help keep your anxiety levels down and improve your mood. To increase your sexual drive, use Viagra and Cialis. This helps relax the muscles and increase blood flow to aid an erection.

Get The Blood Flowing

Getting your heart rate up won’t only have benefits on your libido! There are a lot of physiological effects that exercise has on sex. Exercise is good at helping sexual dysfunctions that people of all genders have. 

By increasing blood flow downstairs, regular exercise makes you more sensitive, and may improve issues like vaginal dryness or erectile dysfunction. Super Kamagra will help you treat your erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. So it will help you maintain an erection and you will have a long lasting sexual interaction. Visit this website,, to learn more about us.  Although if you struggle with more serious cases, you may still need a personal lubricant or medication like sildenafil for ED. However, even just 30 minutes a day of walking can have an improvement on issues like erectile dysfunction. 

Different Strokes

Certain kinds of exercise can help improve your sex more than others. While often talked about for women, pelvic floor exercises can help everyone. Men and women can practice Kegels regularly for improved sexual performance. Men who strengthen their pelvic floor can have firmer erections, and women will often have increased vaginal sensitivity. Moreover, they can also help older adults struggling with issues like incontinence.

For men, anaerobic strength training can be a huge factor in your sex life. Exercises such as weight-lifting or high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T) can help to boost your testosterone levels. By increasing your muscle mass, you trigger your body to produce more of the sex hormone. This can increase your sex drive and sperm count. Moreover, you’ll be strengthening the muscles used during sex, which can help increase your stamina. Reading this helpful site,, will help you have sexual satisfaction.

Which Exercises Are Best?

While broadly, we’ve covered which types of exercise are best for sex, you might be wondering which specific things you can do to improve your sex life. However, that answer can be different for everyone. Having a personal trainer can help you to know your body better and which muscle groups to try and target. There are a few groups that we know get used most often in sex, though, and some workouts you can do to target them.

Strong abdominal muscles are literally at the core of having better sex. As such, strong core workouts, like planks, or sit-ups are particularly useful. Additionally, exercises that work your legs or pelvic floor can help too. Jump-squats or glute bridges can target both, so be sure to add them into your workouts. 

Final Word

Hopefully, this article helped to shine a light on the connection between exercise and your sex life. Raising your fitness levels with aerobic activities, working your pelvic floor muscles, and getting some strength training can help to raise your libido and get you having better, more satisfying sex.