Virtual Training with Wendy

I’ve worked harder in my home workouts with Wendy than almost anytime I’ve been at the gym!

For the first part of the pandemic when gyms were closed I spent the better part of six months doing unfulfilling and unsatisfying home workouts by myself. I always thought that I just needed to be back in the right environment to push myself, I needed to have more weight and equipment. I was skeptical before trying virtual personal training sessions, if my solo home workouts were unfulfilling than what difference would it make if I had somebody on Zoom telling me to lift more weight?

However, I was completely wrong! I’ve been working out harder than I ever thought I could at home. Wendy has been able to tailor my workout routines with the weights and equipment that are available to me, advise me on any equipment that she thinks I need, and give me the motivation she would if we were in an in person setting.

I’d highly recommend virtual training sessions!

– Graham