Ali’s knowledge is astounding

Studio review:

Urban is the place!  For the past 8 months I have trained at Urban Athlete and it was with the very best results.  A friendly environment with great staff and trainers, always attuned to the needs of their clients.  Whatever you are looking for in the exercise experience can be found at Urban:  tough and challenging for the serious athlete to the weekend warrior who wants to work out at a welcoming place, and anything in between. Since I am moving out of Calgary, I will no longer be there, but if you are going to work out in Calgary, Urban is THE SPOT, no question about it.

Ali, personal trainer review:

As a former Division 1 basketball player in the US, I was looking for a challenging experience to get back the “old glory”, or at least to do what I could now to feel great, “lean and mean.”  I tried a few places and then hit upon Urban Athlete.  There I found the best personal trainer in Calgary.  A young man well versed and in phenomenal shape who has all the bases covered in order to get someone in shape or to take them to the highest levels:  Ali Shamaei.  Ali is excellent both in theory and practice with degrees and a body to back it all up!  As a former serious athlete, I have a very solid grounding in training, and since I have coached as well, I have stayed current with the ever growing and expanding athletic training approach and methods;  however Ali’s knowledge is astounding.  Never did I have a question whether about diet, technique, supplements, etc. for which he did not have the correct answer and a serious explanation.  He asked my goals, my desires, my strengths and weaknesses, then put together a regime tailored perfectly for me, yet ever watching, suggesting and improving as we worked together for 8 months.  A great and successful partnership.  Simply the best!  5 stars is not enough for Ali.