Urban Athlete

Working with Shannon

Question #1: What were your biggest challenges prior to working with me? Although I was a long-time lover of cardio, I had real difficulty keeping up with any kind of strength training program.  I was sporadic in my efforts, and did not have the training or creativity to come up with workouts that were challenging …

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Protein Waffles

Gluten free, paleo friendly waffles that taste great and pack a protein punch! Waffles.  What’s not to love about them.  My love affair with waffles started early and is one of the only food favorites that survived from my childhood through to adulthood.  They were a highly coveted (though sadly infrequent) offering in my house …

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Think Thin

How an empowering mindset can make you leaner. Are you looking for that key ingredient, that one distinction that will help drive you towards success? To help you stay the course with your nutrition and training and reach that leaner waistline you know you deserve? If so, read on. I may have the answer for …

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