Full Body Workout

Hypertrophy full body program suited for beginners and intermediate level of fitness. The goal is to target every muscle group in a single session. Ideally you can do this program every other day or one day on, two days off. This program is designed on antagonist training system for a short and effective workout.

A-Barbell Flat bench x barbell row 4×10
B-Dumbbell shoulder press x trx rear delt 4×12
C-Bicep cable curls x tricep Rope push down 4×8
D-Barbell Squat x hamstring machine curls 10, 10, 8, 8
E-Side plank x45 sec each side
X4 rounds 

60 sec rest between each sets
*5min warm up on any cardio machine
 *(x) means back to back with no rest
*2 minutes rest between each exercise 
*You should be able to finish this workout under 45 mins