Flexible, passionate, and determined to help us achieve results

After struggling with workouts own my own, Wendy took me under her wing and helped me feel comfortable in the gym setting. I wanted to keep the momentum going and convinced my husband to join me in personal training couple sessions.

Wendy made unique workouts for each of us that we could do together (not an easy task since we are at different fitness levels and had different fitness goals). She was flexible, passionate, and determined to help us achieve the results we wanted. More importantly, she built us a repertoire of workouts that we could utilize once we finished our training sessions.

What shocked me the most was how hungry I became. My body needed more calories to lose weight – what a concept. Wendy was there to support me through the process, and, help me make a significant shift in my dietary habits. When my diet improved, that’s when I really started to notice results.

Wendy’s dedication continued to motivate us throughout the ups/downs of the pandemic. Working in healthcare, we needed to make our health a priority to survive the past year. I needed Wendy’s energized personality to keep me going, especially on days I felt like giving up. I needed her to remind me of how much I had already improved and how much stronger I have/would become.

I believe that I have become a better version of myself and it is in no small part thanks to Wendy and the team at Urban Athlete. If this past year has thought me anything, it is that you never regret time/effort spent on your health.

Thanks Wendy!


4 Months
Total Lost 
12 LBS
1.5 % BF
4 Inches