Preventing injury

In the past, I have never had a personal trainer before. My wife had met Wendy at the gym and wanted to take some trainer sessions so we decided to book some partner sessions with her and it was super beneficial. Wendy was/is a great trainer because even if you came in with no energy she had energy for the both of you. She was upbeat, excited, and pushed you.

The main thing I really appreciated with Wendy was how thorough she was with the technique of every workout she showed us. She would make sure we had the technique down before we ever added any weight, this has really helped me understand my body as I am much better at isolating  muscle groups and feel like I have a much better chance of preventing injury to myself. This idea of placing technique over weight was very humbling because I found that if you are actively concentrating on the exercise and the technique, you usually cannot do as much weight but it felt like an even harder workout.

Wendy is also very good at manipulating exercises to make them harder or easier. If either my wife or I found a workout too hard or too easy (rarely ever) she would be able to show us a beginning stage to work on to eventually get to that level.

We also worked with Wendy through the pandemic while the gym opened and closed and while my wife and I thought we would get a break from the gym since it had to close for two/three weeks she had made the preparations for us to pick up a bunch of a equipment in the gym and then took us through virtual workouts. It was this mentality of never having an excuse to not workout that really helped my wife and I reach our goals.

All in all if you are considering personal training, consider Wendy no matter what level of fitness you may be at.

4 months
Total lost 
22 Lbs 
7 %BF
7 Inches