Giving me the strength and energy to do everything I desire to do

Working out with Cory is one of the best decisions I have ever made in regards to my health and fitness. Being new to Calgary, I had to find a new trainer, a ‘great trainer’, so I shopped around, asked for recommendations and I knew what I wanted out of my new great trainer. When I met Cory, I could literally feel his energy, passion and enthusiasm rub off on me. He is knowledgeable, professional, confident, passionate and enthusiastic about helping ME achieve MY Goals and this is what I feel sets Cory apart from the other trainers out there. His drive to push me to do my best each and everyday has yielded amazing results, from seeing it on the scale, looking at myself in the mirror, how much better my clothes fit, and most importantly how much more energy and confidence I have. I love his functional training style, his fun and fresh workouts and his desire to help me succeed on living the healthiest life possible. Thanks Cory, you definitely are the fountain of youth, literally turning my clock back and giving me the strength and energy to do everything I desire to do.

Michelle R., Calgary