Transform me into my new amazing lifestyle

I just wanted to send you a Thank-You for everything over the last year and a bit. As I was walking home from our session yesterday, I got a little bit sad thinking about a new gym and routine that doesn’t include training with you; Change is great and I’m really looking forward too it and me moving, but I know I will definitely miss you as my trainer.
I seriously came to you a different person than I am today. I was going through a very hard time and had never been so out of touch with my body and what I needed to do for it. You not only supported me to achieve strength, endurance, and self confidence but you encouraged me to do things I NEVER thought were possible. Running last summer outside for 5 kms… I know I was the slowest (lol), but seriously I remember doctors saying when I was younger that I may never walk or run due to my extensive foot problems…. I honestly don’t even think I would have tried it without your encouragement and the confidence you had in me that I could do it! Accomplishing that meant more to me that most people knew. Thank you.
I have never in my life been so comfortable in my own body and dedicated to remaining fit as I am today. I know that my healthy relationship with my boyfriend is possible because I now am healthy as a person. I don’t think I would have been able to maintain a relationship like the one I am currently in a year ago when I met you as I was not confident, healthy or happy. You are an amazing personal trainer because you truly have a gift to motivate, support and teach. I have never met someone who has impacted my life quite the same way you have. You are unique, fun and talented and I hope that you know what a difference you make for people. Thanks again for everything, it has been great getting to know you and for all you have done to transform me into my new amazing lifestyle.

Megan H, Calgary