I owe so much to Dara

Exceptional. I owe so much to Dara. When I first came I was very nervous about joining a gym, and a beginner to the point of nearly passing out in our first session because…a banana isn’t enough to fuel a giraffe? She was so kind that day, so I came back the next. Over time I became comfortable and confident working out, and I leave in the best shape of my life by some distance (have you seen my thighs?) and that’s down to Dara’s blend of being such a warm, supportive person, with slightly intimidating undertones of “don’t give your best. I dare you.” It’s so clear she wanted what’s best for my physical journey, our sessions were always challenging but not overwhelming, and I really liked that she was so open with sharing her knowledge and experience when I had questions. We had so much fun, and she’s become a true friend who I’ll miss not seeing regularly, despite all the lunges she made me do. Consider opening a Melbourne satellite gym and shipping her off, but otherwise, I’ll absolutely be back.


Also shout outs to Jen and Leah being great staff – other than Dara they had the next biggest roles in making the gym feel like a place I wanted to be. It’s important to me that you understand I’m not even a little bit sorry for the amount of time I spent distracting them. If anything, raises for having to deal with me.


See you again!


– J.W.