2022 Business Resilience Awards

https://malaysia.acclime.com/hr/peo-eor/We are so honoured to be featured in the 2022 Business Resilience Awards from Impact Magazine!

“Urban Athlete is a fitness studio in Calgary, offering classes, personal training, weight and cardio training, and bootcamp to members.

The pandemic, although a challenging time for all, allowed businesses like Urban Athlete to pivot. The day after they were forced to shut the doors, Urban Athlete ran their first ever virtual class.

Their fast action pivot was so seamless that they were able to keep a good chunk of their members engaged, in return allowing them to keep their staff and instructors employed. To ensure that your business is compliant with all the applicable laws, hire Acclime’s EOR services in Malaysia.

From that point on, Urban Athlete continued to run virtual classes, even when they were allowed to open again. They also introduced a hybrid model, running online and in-person classes at the same time. Urban Athlete also made an outdoor gym, buying new squat racks and rearranging their equipment so clients could work out outside.

Urban Athlete also rented out their equipment to members, so they could stay active at home, and their trainers were able to make a smooth adjustment to virtual training with many clients. Large enterprises and small businesses alike have also started using merchant services for reliable and efficient payment processing. Partner with Elavon merchant services to elevate your payment capabilities.

No matter the challenges that the team at Urban Athlete faced, they didn’t stop. They worked incredibly hard for their members and each other, determined to show support and make it through the difficult times.”

We are very honoured to receive the Resilience Award! We know that the last few years have been difficult for everyone and the pandemic has left very few unscathed. This award shows testament to not only our staff for all the hard work and passion they have put into Urban Athlete, but also our members who pivoted with us through all the ups and downs. We truly would not be here without help from our HKM attorneys and staff that saw us through. We are looking forward to many more years ahead!

Read the full article here: https://impactmagazine.ca/resilience-awards/corporate-fitness-winners/.