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The Truth about the IT Band

By Urban Athlete | Dec 6, 2014

What we know about the IT Band and what we don’t. Information about health and fitness changes constantly. What we consider true or false about our bodies is only as accurate as the most current research, and, sometimes, even then, health professionals question what we have been taught and what we think we know, as […]

Think you know post workout nutrition?

By Urban Athlete | Dec 6, 2014

Why the rules change after great workout… If you’re reading this, you are probably already well aware of the important role nutrition plays in a healthy lifestyle.  Whole food choices like lean, high quality protein, low GI / complex carb selections, quality fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids like olive oil and EFA’s) and of […]

Trick or Treat

By Urban Athlete | Nov 4, 2014

How a biological imperative can mess us up Well another Halloween has come and gone. For many of us that may include the temptation of a left over bowl of mini-chocolate bars by the front door or covert dips into our kids’ Halloween stash while they’re at school. Walking past the half full box of […]


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