From not being able to walk to 10km with Wendy

Hi, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my recovery and the help I received from Wendy. I had injured myself skiing and was unable to walk at New Years (was actually in a wheel chair!) After 6 weeks of physio, my physiotherapist stated that he had done all he could and it was time to begin working out again. I was concerned about going to class or working out on my own and potentially over doing it or improperly doing an exercise and hence causing a set back, so I signed up for personal training with Wendy. I have been going to classes with Wendy for over 2 years and like her ‘form Nazi’ style.

Wendy began every session by finding out where the ‘creaks’ are and tailored the workout to how I felt each day. I had previously signed up for the 10km race at the Calgary Marathon, so my ‘new’ goal now was to be able to walk the course. We started training together in February where, at the first session, she actually had to help me get off the floor. As I got stronger, I started walking the dog again and soon started a bit of ‘running’. The concentration on strength and balance at the training sessions was just what I needed.

As race day neared, I was excited that I felt that it would actually by possible to run the course. As fate would have it, I was the alternate for a 150km relay team and at the last minute needed to run a 10km leg Saturday night. I ran the leg in less than 1:15 – without any pain! Upon waking Sunday AM, I was amazed to learn that I was still pain free. As it was a nice day and I’d already paid for the race (and wanted the medal!) I decided I could easily walk the 10k. I seeded myself way at the back and started off at a slow trot. As the race progressed, I picked up the speed and finished in almost the same time as the night before. I have never been happier to complete a 10k race and was still pain free the next day!! Thank you!!

– Debi