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Protein Absorption Limit and Protein to Build Muscles

By Ali Shamaei | Jun 30, 2020

So many of my clients ask me that how much protein I need or how much protein I can absorb at once. So I made this video for you guys to get an idea about this topic.First there is a formala which is the max amount of protein that you need as an athlete or …

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The New Normal

By Wendy Peterson | Jun 5, 2020

Is this current situation our new normal?  For now, it is.  With positive focus and our determination set to continue to provide for our members, we have been committed since day one of the gym closing its doors, to helping you stay active! Without missing a beat, we taught our first zoom class the following …

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How To Improve Your Pull-Up

By Ali Shamaei | Feb 12, 2020

In this video, Urban Athlete Personal Trainer Ali, shows us three variations on how to improve your pull-up. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below or visit us at the studio in Calgary!

Happy 7th Birthday Urban Athlete!

By Wendy Peterson | Feb 10, 2020

Marvin and I started out by helping set up equipment, to opening our doors seven years ago. It has been an amazing ride being part of this gym since the beginning and watching it evolve into the successful business it is now. I am grateful and proud to be able to have had a part …

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5 Ingredient Peanut Butter & Honey Cookies

By Antonia Declercq | Dec 6, 2019

Would somebody mind telling me where the entire year of 2019 has gone? December has snuck up on us and with it, the holiday season is here. The time has come for fun winter activities, family gatherings, and of course, Christmas cookies!  While baking is acceptable all-year round, December is definitely the month of, “one more …

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Lunge Patterns

By Alejandro Melgar | Oct 30, 2019

In this video & accompanying article, Urban Athlete Personal Trainer Alejandro, brings us through lunge patterns and some misconceptions we may have about lunges. Feel free to reach out if you want any more direction on your lunge patterns! Can you imagine if we jumped around like frogs, leaping from point A to point B?  …

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How To Access Your AutoPay Receipts

By Urban Athlete | Aug 28, 2019

You can view the purchase made by your auto pays in the purchase history section of Consumer Mode. Go to consumer mode for Urban Athlete Fitness Studio by heading to our website and scrolling to the bottom and clicking the ‘Login’ button or by following the URL Log in using your email address as your username and …

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Skipping Fundamentals

By Alejandro Melgar | Aug 26, 2019

In this video, Alejandro talks to us about skipping fundamentals. Hi Gang. On request, I decided to provide a video on skipping! I love skipping! I have been skipping as long if not longer then I have been boxing, and I still enjoy it, especially since I started trying new tricks with it. The reason …

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Top 5 Ways You Eat Too Much & Strategies To Help

By Wendy Peterson | Aug 25, 2019

Each day you make a hundred decisions about food! Overeating can be greatly reduced simply by removing the cues in your environment that cause you to overeat. Here are some strategies that may help: 1. The Meal Stuffer: At mealtime you really stuff yourself. You clean everything off your plate, eat quickly and often go back …

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