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Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

By Urban Athlete | Dec 1, 2017

Who doesn’t love delicious chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven? By far, this is my favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe that you gotta try! These cookies are gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free.

Mindful Eating for a Healthier Lifestyle

By Urban Athlete | Nov 17, 2017

As the pace of our lives speed up, so can the pace at which we consume food. Our hectic schedules can have us eating on the go while also engaging in conversations or texting and emailing on our phones. At times it may even feel like there’s simply not enough time to stop and enjoy a meal. With so much going on, it can be easy to shift to auto-pilot when it comes to eating.

Grab the Bell by the Horns

By Wendy Peterson | Mar 31, 2017

Are you looking for motivation?  Something new to try?  Maybe something to help you break through a fitness plateau or add an edge to your game or sport? Did you know that there’s another kind of bell in the gym other than the dumbbell or the barbell? I encourage you to grab a kettlebell off …

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Posterior Chain strength for better race times!

By Shannon Duerr | Feb 3, 2017

Improve your run times and decrease your risk of injury by making posterior chain strength training part of your running regime. As a runner myself I know there’s nothing more frustrating and disappointing than carefully choosing, planning and paying for the race season ahead only to be sidelined with an injury after the first race …

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Cortisol, 10% unemployment and the kettlebell

By Urban Athlete | Jan 6, 2017

How stress could be killing you, and how you can stop it. Stressed? I get it… I won’t presume to know the source(s) of your stress but I will assume that if you are part of the majority, you’ve got more than our bodies were built to handle. The insidious nature of stress is such …

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How to Perform a Weighted Squat

By Urban Athlete | Dec 9, 2016

Safe and Successful with Hannah Price & Jackie Czaja A squat is a complex movement.  We’ve picked a couple of the primary components to focus on that are essential to executing a weighted squat safely & successfully. INCORRECT FORM: Forward shift of the hips causing knees to track passed the toes.  This position creates an …

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Making the Connection

By Wendy Peterson | Dec 9, 2016

The Secret to a Flat Stomach I am frequently asked, “How do I get abs like yours?” The answer is simple, I activate them. Having a flat stomach or a 6 pack seems to be a primary focus for many people. Let’s talk about what is really important: Connecting to your functional core. You would never attempt …

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At the CORE of Stability

By Urban Athlete | Oct 7, 2016

What is proper movement? It’s not how deep you go on a pushup or where your knees line up on a squat. What is strength during a movement? It’s not how much weight you can lift off the ground or press overhead. Proper movement and strength during an exercise comes from maintaining total core stability …

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Transform 2016!

By Urban Athlete | Apr 1, 2016

It’s back! Take 10 weeks to TRANSFORM your body, your health, yourself. There’s lots of great prizes to be won with a grand prize of a weekend stay at Blackstone Mountain Lodge in Canmore.


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