Urban Athlete

Achieving My Personal Goals

I appreciated Cory’s positive and motivating approach to each session. He took the time to ensure I was doing the exercises properly while providing explanations for how this would support achieving my personal goals.

Excellent Communication

Professionalism, preparedness, in-depth knowledge, focus, excellent communication, great listening skills, punctuality, approachability. An overall first rate experience with Shannon. Shannon takes her role seriously and appears to be a great asset to Urban Athlete. Without reserve, I would recommend Shannon. – Gillian

I found a gem!

It was a real pleasure to work with Wendy. My goal was to find a kettlebell instructor, and I found a gem! Wendy is extremely knowledgeable, with an amazing sense of humor, which made every session enjoyable and exciting. Wendy has a unique approach to training: she was very attentive to all my concerns and …

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Why Physical Fitness Can Improve Mental Wellness

Mental well-being is a huge part of overall wellness. In a government post on mental health, experts brought up how being mentally healthy can increase your coping skills during difficult moments and improves your confidence. Mental wellness also allows you to successfully move past negative life events. All of these result in your ability to …

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Sport Specific

Wanted to give a shout out to Dara for setting me up with some solid personal training. She’s an excellent trainer that knows what’s she doing!  I was a professional athlete a little over 12 years ago now and wanted to get back into “athlete” type shape. Dara set me up with a killer program, …

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