Tobias Schuler

ACE-PT Certification, ELA-PT Diploma, Level C CPR/AED First Aid from Canadian Red Cross, Orthopedic Specialist

My name is Tobias Schuler and I believe in Fitness. I consider myself to be a fundamentals coach.  I focus on establishing a solid foundation from which progression and complexity can be effectively developed.

Whether working with a beginner or experienced athlete, I place specific emphasis on proper technique and muscular efficiency. 

I specialize in body fat reduction and strength training programs, with special attention to core activation, conditioning and functional full body strength.  I also have a proficiency in developing programs for aesthetic enhancement as well.  

I have been a personal trainer full time for 7 years and began personal training in 2011 with an AFLCA certification.  My thirst for knowledge then led me to then obtain my Personal Training Diploma through Elevated Learning Academy and most recently to obtain my Orthopedic Specialist certification.  I think of myself as a lifelong learner and in my spare time I often find myself reviewing new training and nutritional research to help give my clients the edge.

Whatever your goal may be, I can help you achieve it.

Before long it became evident that Tobi was not just going to be somebody to light a fire under my butt- he is a real mentor who genuinely cares.

Tobi has a vast knowledge base on how the body works, and capitalizes on natural muscle movements, personalizing a variety of workouts to meet his client’s (or student’s) goals.

Toby has a keen knowledge of training and tailors each workout to make it challenging and enjoyable while helping you reach your fitness goals.

With his positive approach, he instills confidence and encouragement to make you want to push further. At the end of each session, I am sweaty, driven, amazed, inspired and thankful.

Tobi Schuler is AMAZING! He is very knowledgeable and works hard to develop personalized workouts before I arrive.

He is a great listener and his advance preparation ensures I am receiving the best workout for my needs. He incorporates a variety of activities to keep it interesting and the workouts challenge me to improve.

Tobi’s cheerful, enthusiastic and supportive approach to training leaves me looking forward to our sessions and encourages me to give my best effort during training.

His willingness to adapt to my energy levels and physical challenges during our sessions has created a trust I rely on to try new exercises and techniques.


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