Wendy Peterson

PTS, TSCC1, RSNA, Certified Kettlebell and Pilates instructor

After owning my own successful private training studio in BC, I moved to Calgary in 2012. I’ve been part of the Urban Athlete team since early 2013 and bring with me over 15 years of experience as a fitness professional.

Being a personal trainer is not a job to me, it is a lifestyle. It’s about building relationships and supporting people in reaching their goals. I have an appreciation for life and I love to help people get the most out of it by showing them how to build strength both inside and out.

Having a stable core is key to fundamental strength for everybody’s body. I work with clients to improve strength by focusing on correcting imbalances and teaching how to activate abdominal muscles. This benefits everyone from the elite athlete to anyone wanting to improve their quality of life and be less susceptible to injury.

My certifications / specializations include Pilates, Kettlebells, Twist Sport Conditioning, TRX, as well as overall fitness coaching from weight loss to strength training.

I love what I do, I live what I do. Your success is my passion!

I started up personal training sessions with Wendy Peterson at Urban Athlete. She’s awesome and so is little Marvin. She pushed me to reach goals her and I had both set for myself. Pushed me to keep going when I wanted to stop. She was there motivating me when it felt like I was a lump on a log.
I just wanted to write and thank you Wendy for all your support. I really value your amazing wealth of fitness knowledge, your intelligence and heart, and the professional standard you hold yourself to. I could not have asked for a better guide, and you always make our sessions a true education in fitness.
I have been pretty fit my whole life but I’ve never work out with a trainer in till I met Wendy! Both my mom and my sister train with her and told me I should try it to improve my flexibility and core strength. And just a few sessions I learned more about how to stabilize my core and improve power and strength than in all my years of sports! She challenged me in every session with different dynamic exercises and I wonder how she comes up with it!! Thanks for taking me to the next level Wendy!
After graduating from college I had ballooned to 200 pounds. Although I knew I was chubby it wasn’t till I saw a family vacation picture that I realized how big I really was. It was then in there they decided that it was time to do something about my weight. I started training with Wendy 2 times a week. We did a combination of boxing, skipping, core, weights and Plyometrics. within 8 months she helped me drop 50 pounds!! The combination of her “you can do this, this is a realistic goal” and her diverse workouts I achieved my weight loss goal.
After suffering from lower back pain for years, I was very fortunate to have wendy accept me as her client. Over the last year, wendy took the time to fully understand my situation and she developed many sessions exclusively tailored to improve my fitness and strength. Wendys upbeat attitude and positive outlook also inspired me to gain confidence which accelerated improvements in my physical conditioning. Wendy’s passion for fitness and wellness is extremely contagious. She radiates energy and she openly shares her limitless enthusiasm for helping others. Wendy is a true professional and I am grateful for her for helping you achieve my goals! Thank you Coach Peterson and keep up the great work!!
Wendy the personal trainer personal trainers go to. She is an elite athlete and knows how to win and get results. Wendy is dedicated and has excelled at various fitness competitions solidifying her as one of the best. I personally work with her and utilize the knowledge I gained to this day. You want results? Train with Wendy.
Working with Wendy has been a godsend for me. As we age, our bodies react differently to injuries, stress, and hormones. Refocusing on inner core strength, and overall toning, is what works best for me and keeps me going. Results are both visible physically and mentally noticeable. Love you!

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