Alejandro Melgar

Personal Training Specialist (CanFitPro). Urban Athlete’s resident boxing coach. Certified Red Seal Chef.
First Aid & CPR C (St. John’s Ambulance)

I have a passion for fitness and for helping people achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals. Whether your focus is physical transformation, physical performance or a combination of both, I can create series of engaging and effective workout routines for you!

With my boxing background, I often gravitate towards conditioning routines that incorporate resistance training with intervals. I also enjoy incorporating boxing fundamentals into some of my training routines as well (with willing participants) and of course I do offer dedicated boxing fundamentals training as well.

Prior to pursuing my passion for fitness as a personal trainer, I was a chef at a number of restaurants in Calgary. I have been cooking for quite some time, so I have plenty of heathy and delicious recipes tucked away. Healthy eating can also be enjoyable eating and I love teaching others how to prepare foods that will appeal to their taste buds and also help contribute to a leaner waistline.

All in all it is about enjoying what you do while finding purpose in it, so I always strive to make sure my clients enjoy the process as well as the results.

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